WAN Market Size Report

There’s no question that the enterprise wide area network (WAN) market is in a state of flux. 

We’ve seen multiple disruptions in the way multinational corporations construct WANs: a move toward cloud computing, migration of the data center away from corporate premises, and, especially, the introduction of SD-WAN.

To help carriers, vendors, and enterprise IT infrastructure teams understand how these changes will affect the business of telecom, we’ve created the new WAN Market Size Report.

What's Inside:

  • The total range of global WAN revenues across hundreds of runs of our model
  • The contribution of each product to the total WAN market size including MPLS port revenue, DIA port revenue, local access revenue, business broadband revenue, and SD-WAN revenue
  • Separate WAN market revenue data for nine geographic regions
  • Results broken out both by product revenue and geographic region

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Jon Hull

Jon Hull oversees our enterprise business development efforts in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Email him at jhull@telegeography.com for more information about this product.

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