WAN Geography Benchmark

You know you want to move to a data center that houses cloud providers. But there are over 5,000 data centers to consider. And hundreds of carriers–some you might have heard of, while other well-connected options are under your radar.

Further, you have your own set of competing priorities—from proximity to price to selecting a data center that is well connected.

Nothing will sort this out quicker than a WAN Geography Benchmark.

Our methodology ranks data centers based on your priorities and illustrates how they stack up against one another. The final product paints a clear picture of which data centers are the best fit for each of your office locations.

Here’s what you can expect from this data-rich deliverable:

  • A ranked list of data centers matching your profile.
  • Customizable ranking tools. What’s most important to you in a data center: distance from an office, number of carriers present, richness of cloud provider connectivity, or price? Assign importance to each factor to see how your rankings change.
  • A full list of cloud access providers and exchanges present at your chosen geographies.
  • Details on other data centers that fall outside your selected criteria. 
  • A full list of carriers at recommended data centers. 

Download the product brochure on this page to get a full overview of this tool.

Not sure if this product is exactly what you need? You can always reach us at info@telegeography.com for assistance.

Or you could listen to Principal Analyst Patrick Christian explain how this tool was developed on the WAN Manager Podcast: