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China’s 7,500-Mile Undersea Cable to Europe Fuels Internet Feud

Red Sea cables: How UK and US spy agencies listen to the Middle East
Middle East Eye

What the internet looks like: Underwater cables in the Middle East
Middle East Eye

Digital Suez': How the internet flows through Egypt - and why Google could change the Middle East
Middle East Eye

Global Internet Capacity Grew by 35% in 2020
Channel Vision Magazine

How much did the internet actually grow in 2020?
Data Centre Review

Global internet capacity surged 35% in 2020
Frontier Enterprise

Verizon expands managed SD-WAN features with Cisco
Fierce Telecom

Global Internet Capacity Grew by 35% in 2020
CIO East Africa

How Hyperscale Cloud Platforms are Reshaping the Submarine Cable Industry
Data Center Knowledge

Report: Pandemic Drives a 35% Increase in Global Internet Capacity

Global internet capacity grows 35% to over 600 Tbps in 2020 - study

Global internet capacity up 35% in 2020
Capacity Media

Global Internet Capacity Grew by 35% in 2020 According to TeleGeography
Khaleej Mag

Global Internet Capacity Grew by 35% in 2020 According to TeleGeography

What’s up with… Global data capacity

Global internet capacity grew by 35% in 2020: TeleGeography

Global Internet Capacity Grew by 35% in 2020 According to TeleGeography
Riyadh Daily

Jan/Feb 2021 Industry News
GCCM Magazine | Jan/Feb 2021

How SD-WAN optimises SaaS for CSPs to grow offerings
Telecom Review Asia

TeleGeography Report Reveals the Global WAN Market was Worth $75.9 Billion in 2020

TeleGeography Report Reveals the Global WAN Market was Worth $75.9 Billion in 2020

Corona home office requires new submarine cables
Heise Online

TeleGeography Report Reveals the Global WAN Market was Worth $75.9 Billion in 2020
Telecom Ramblings

What’s up with… KPN, Samsung & Deutsche Telekom, TIP, AT&T

China builds Digital Silk Road in Pakistan to Africa and Europe
Nikkei Asia

SD-WAN ‘still only 2%’ of WAN market, says TeleGeography
Capacity media

TeleGeography Report Reveals the Global WAN Market Was Worth $75.9 Billion in 2020

Pandemic sparks subsea bandwidth spike, but tide will turn
Light Reading

All data centres are not the same - proximity matters

TeleGeography benchmark tool helps firms pick right data centre
Frontier Enterprise

TeleGeography releases data center benchmark tool
Data Center News

TeleGeography Releases WAN Geography Benchmark Tool

TeleGeography releases data center benchmarking tool to help companies shift data center locations
Data Center Dynamics

TeleGeography releases data center benchmark tool
Data Center News

TeleGeography’s WAN Geography Benchmarking Tool Reveals the Top Hyperconnected Enterprise Networking Hubs
Daily Host News

TeleGeography’s WAN Geography Benchmarking Tool Reveals the Top Hyperconnected Enterprise Networking Hubs
Total Telecom

Connectivity Benchmarking
Digitalisation World

TeleGeography’s WAN Geography Benchmarking Tool Reveals the Top Hyperconnected Enterprise Networking Hubs
Telecom Ramblings

TeleGeography’s WAN Geography Benchmarking Tool Reveals the Top Hyperconnected Enterprise Networking Hubs

Orange joins AMITIÉ subsea consortium connecting the US to France
Capacity Media

TeleGeography’s benchmarking tool reveals the top networking hubs
Data Centre & Network News

TeleGeography Reveals Top Hyperconnected Enterprise Networking Hubs
Telecom Drive

Equinix leads TeleGeography WAN benchmark for most connected networks

Las Vegas welcomed 5G in 2020. Here’s what’s next.
Las Vegas Review Journal


Q3 telco revenue growth belies soaring costs, legacy debt woes
The Herald

5G connections reach 229mn globally, adoption 4x faster than LTE

5G connections reach 229 million, adoption 4x as fast as LTE
HelpNet Security

Huawei and Others Launch the First 5g Ultra-High-Definition Surveillance Standard
Giz China

Egypt’s future as internet cable hub at risk from proposed Google fiber optic network

China Is The New ‘Information Champion’
Eurasian Times

5G is the Fastest Growing Mobile Technology in History

The Fight Over the Internet, Under the Sea
CNBC Explains

China rises as world's data superpower as internet fractures
Nikkei Asia

Google Plans Fiber-Optic Network to Connect Via Saudi Arabia and Israel for First Time
Wall Street Journal

COVID-19 has driven international traffic 47% higher
Light Reading

Japan wants to take the heat off data centers with the help of snow
The Japan Times

Top 7 challenges faced during 5G network deployment

Why are so many data centers in Northern Virginia? (And not here?)
The Roanoke Times

Who is in Charge of Laying the Submarine Cables That Connect the World to the Internet?
Damn Technology

5G connections reach 138 million in the world

Creating Centres of Excellence for Digital Transformation
CIO East Africa

5G Networks Grow Worldwide and Already Have 138 Million Connections

Commercial 5G deployments and subscriptions increasing worldwide

Cologix Acquires vXchnge Data Center in Midwest Interconnection Hub
Data Center Knowledge

New Commercial 5G Deployments and Subscriptions March Ahead

Fiber Optic Cable Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020 - 2025)

Silicon Valley's Battle to Seize Control of the World's Subsea Internet Cables
The Telegraph

From Santiago to Sydney, Opening Latin America With Fibre Optic Cable
The Interpreter

The Cayman Islands Government Considers a New Subsea Cable
Total Telecom

Data Bytes: IaaS Boom, Cloud Geography, IoT Security
Data Center Frontier

Modi inaugurates India’s OFC subsea cable
Capacity Media

TeleGeography Maps the World’s Cloud Data Centers
Data Center Knowledge

Connected: The Hidden Science of Everything | Episode 5

Financial Deal Making in the Global Subsea Market
InterGlobix Magazine

Facebook’s Subsea Cable Promises Cheaper, Faster Internet
African Business Magazine

An Undersea Internet Cable is the Latest Snag in US-China Tensions Over Hong Kong

5G ‘Continues Progress’ Despite COVID-19
Vanilla Plus

5G Progresses Despite COVID-19, Data Says
IoT Evolution

Global 5G Connections Reach 63.6 Million, Continued ‘Strong Uptake’ Expected
RCR Wireless News

5G Continues Progress Despite COVID-19
Yahoo Finance

Outages Become a Night Owl’s Nuisance, and the COVID-19 Impact on Submarine Cables
The Internet Report

Facebook, Telcos to Build Huge Subsea Cable for Africa and Middle East

Facebook is Building an Underwater Cable Around Africa to Bolster the Continent’s Internet Access

Voice: an unlikely winner from the lockdown?
TeleMedia Online

A Deep-Diving Sub. A Deadly Fire. And Russia’s Secret Undersea Agenda.
The New York Times

Demand for High-Speed Internet Will Keep Rising, Even After Lockdowns
Nearshore Americas

Data in the Blue: Submarine Cable Deep Dive

Podcast: Carrier Voice Traffic Stays Over-the-Top
Light Reading

International OTT voice traffic reaches 1T minutes in 2019, more than 2x carrier voice traffic

Nigeria rolls out broadband to boost growth
African Business Magazine

Coronavirus Impact: Can We Run Out of the Internet Because of People Working From Home?
Global News Hut

OTT voice traffic reaches 1 trillion minutes in 2019 – report
Light Reading

International OTT voice traffic reaches 1 trillion minutes in 2019, more than double international carrier voice traffic
Telemedia Online

COVID-19 offers a unique opportunity to pilot zero trust, rapidly and at scale
CSO Magazine

Coronavirus: Should Hotstar, Netflix, Others Lower Video Quality for Everyone Right Now?
Gadgets 360

Report: 5G Connections Reached 17.7 Million as of 4Q19, Just a ‘Tad’ Behind 4G’s 5.3 Billion

5G’s Year One: Fast Start and Healthy Growth
Microwave Journal

Zero trust security gaining momentum as a cybersecurity model
Security Brief

Some enterprise WAN managers slow to adopt zero trust security measures
Fierce Telecom

50% of enterprise WAN managers are adopting Zero Trust Security but only 8% have implemented it
Daily Host News

How WANs Can Survive the Work-from-Home Stampede
Capacity Media

50% of Enterprise WAN Managers are Adopting or Considering Zero Trust Security but only 8% have Implemented It
Total Telecom

Zero Trust Security top of mind, but not being implemented

Orange maneuvering for the final sprint of the Dunant cable

How Undersea Cables Drive Onshore Site Decisions
Site Selection Magazine | March 2020

Internet access hangs by a thread for hundreds of millions

The Weak Point of the Web: Undersea Internet Cables

Europe India Gateway cable boosts capacity to 28Tbps
Capacity Magazine

Submarine Cable Repairs Underway in South Africa
IEEE Spectrum

i3forum launches operator database for international voice services

Why the internet still works despite two undersea cable breaks

RTI Connectivity Pte has selected Equinix IBX data centres to land its Japan-Guam-Australia North and Japan-Guam-Australia South subsea cables in Tokyo and Australia.
Data Economy

Huawei shines in storage business vs Dell, NetApp, HPE

Uniformity Is Key to 5G Success - What We Need to Get From Here to There
The Fast Mode


5G connections increase 166% to 4 million globally in Q3
Tech Republic

Solid Growth Among 5G Early Adopters Amid Initial Network Buildouts
Pipeline Magazine

5G early adopters ‘test the waters’ amid strong growth
RCR Wireless News

NTT Undersea Cable Venture to Handle Surging Net Traffic
Nikkei Asian Review

America’s Undersea Battle With China for Control of the Global Internet Grid
Wall Street Journal

What will next-gen submarine cable architecture look like in 2020?
Capacity Media

Power beneath the surface
Capacity Media

Surging Asian Demand Driving Capacity 'Explosion'
Light Reading

Samsung Galaxy S11 Coming This February with 5G Capabilities
Tech Times

The Billion-Dollar High-Speed Internet Scam
Bloomberg Businessweek

The State of Broadband: Broadband as a Foundation for Sustainable Development
ITU/UNESCO Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development

5G Network Rollouts Accelerate
Broadband Communities

Researchers Find Over Thirty 5G Deployments Worldwide, 43 More Expected This Year

5G Network Rollouts Accelerate as LTE’s Long Tail Extends
Yahoo Finance

The State of the Fiber Optic Map

Google, New Master of the Oceans
Le Temps

Why Marseille became a top 10 international Internet hub in just five years

The global internet is powered by vast undersea cables. But they’re vulnerable.
KPLR St. Louis

Is Huawei a Security Threat? Vietnam Isn’t Taking Any Chances
The New York Times

Terrestrial Fibre Investments Key to Digital Economy
The Guardian

Terrestrial Fiber Infrastructure Investments Key to Enabling the Growth of Africa’s Digital Economy
Africa News

i3forum Launches Market Database for International Voice Services
The Fast Mode

Helping CSPs negotiate and manage Int. voice services
Telecom TV

Inside Facebook's plan to bring cheap internet to Africa – by surrounding continent with undersea cable
The Telegraph

Imagine a World Where the Internet is Smaller and Where Submarine Network Cables Retire

The INDIGO subsea cable is ready to be deployed
Business News Australia

MEF Announces Final Draft SD-WAN Service Standard is Publicly Available
Virtual Strategy Magazine

Two Singapore firms show interest in 3rd submarine cable
The Daily Star

Plumbing the depths of the seas in the hidden battle for the internet
The Telegraph

Understanding Diver Detection Systems
Naval Forces

Angola Fails Transparency Test With Murky Mobile License Sale

How Google Is Cramming More Data Into Its New Atlantic Cable

Interview with Larry Lairson, Telegeography Cartographer

The Undersea Cable Market Is Booming Again, This Time Funded by Big Tech
Bloomberg Businessweek

America’s Undersea Battle With China for Control of the Global Internet Grid
The Wall Street Journal

How the internet travels across oceans — a lot of cable laid very, very slowly
The Seattle Times

How the Internet Travels Across Oceans
New York Times

A 10-million-pound undersea cable just set an internet speed record
Popular Science

Heavy Networking 432: Analyzing SD-WAN So Far And So Future
Packet Pushers

Underwater Cables Leave Ireland Tangled – and Implicated – in the Internet
Dublin InQuirer

Secret connection: this is the cable that provides Internet to the entire country

DE-CIX Collaborates with TeleGeography

300,000 new kilometers of submarine cable in three years for the development of Internet

Internet: Key Figures to Know About Submarine Cables
Tunisie Haut Debit

Huawei’s Growing Popularity in Poland Seen as Successful Story for Chinese Firms Abroad
Global Times

Simulation of OneWeb, SpaceX and Telesat's Proposed Global Broadband Constellations
Circle ID


Subsea Cable Trends and Opportunities Beyond 2018

Cloud Players Are Redrawing the Subsea Cable Map
Data Center Frontier

BT is Harnessing The Power of Quantum Mechanics to Root Out Fiber-Optic Hacks

The Path of the Internet

What is the Internet? 13 Key Questions Answered
The Guardian

How one company plumbed an ultra-fast internet route across the bottom of Lake Ontario
Financial Post

Telekom Serbia is politically motivated to acquire Telekom Albania
Serbian Monitor

'The next billion users': Google targets India's lucrative mobile market
The Guardian

How can they be so good?”: The strange story of Skype
Ars Technica

Big changes in the bowels of the Internet as data is loaded onto private networks
Telecom TV

How Does TeleGeography Make Their Submarine Cable Map?
Submarine Networks World

RCom arm GCX completes India data centre for Eagle Subsea Network
The Hindu Business Line

Submarine Cables Could be Repurposed as Earthquake Detectors
The Economist

New cable systems continue to drive bandwidth prices down
Capacity Media

International bandwidth prices are in free-fall
The Register

China-Australia friction intensifies deep in the South Pacific
Nikkei Asian Review

DE-CIX extends GlobePEER service to Marseille
Capacity Media

TeleGeography analyst Jonathan Hjembo shares insights on Internet development trends in Asia
China Cache

The internet's worst-case scenario finally happened in real life: An entire country was taken offline, and no one knows why
Business Insider

ACE Submarine Cable Cut Impacts Ten Countries
Dyn Blog

Vocus and ASN begin Australia-Singapore Cable deployment
Capacity Media

Missing Link: From the Network of Networks to the Content Delivery Platform
Heise Online

Submarine cable boom fueled by new tech, soaring demand
Network World

Evaluating the Russian Threat to Undersea Cables
Lawfare Blog

This incredible map shows the undersea cables that keep the internet alive — and security services are worried Russia could cut them
Business Insider

AI Technologies acquires BusyInternet Ghana
Graphic Online

Google and Co disconnect

Big content providers influence undersea cable price drops
Search Telecom | Tech Target

R-Com data push
The Telegraph India

Global Cloud Xchange unveils strategic plan for 2018
CIO India

Submarine Cable Goes for Record: 144,000 Gigabits From Hong Kong to L.A. in 1 Second
IEEE Spectrum Magazine


Global LTE Connections Hit 2.5 Billion Milestone3Q 2017
Business Insider | Markets Insider

Beefing up mobile-phone and internet penetration in Africa
The Economist

LTE statistics from 5G America: 94% penetration in North America
Telecom Lead

Equinix Buys Data Center in Istanbul, a ‘Strategic Gateway’
Data Center Knowledge

Argentina: Speeding up the internet
Latin Trade

How people and robots repair internet cables hidden under the sea (In Spanish)

Cisco’s Viptela acquisition bolsters software shift, heralds SD-WAN consolidation
Fierce Telecom

The 2017 edition of The Submarine Cable Map by TeleGeography is out and it looks great!

Big net firms invest in trans-Pacific cable project
BBC News

Tech giants are building their own undersea fibre-optic networks
The Economist

Hyperscalers Taking Over The World At An Unprecedented Scale
Data Economy

Swedish telco Rebtel seeks $20 mln cash injection for growth

Why fiber keeps on growing
Datacenter Dynamics

How Technology Can Create New Pathways For An Inclusive, Growing Africa
Huffington Post South Africa

Before There Was Netflix, Hong Kong Had the First On-Demand Streaming Service


Twenty thousand cables under the sea
National Geographic Italia

Undersea cables span the globe to send more data than satellites
Financial Times

How Not to Map the Internet
Big Think

Everyone Wants Their Own Global Broadband Network

Could a Russian Ship Be Messing With Syria’s Underwater Internet Cables?

Facebook and Google Will Stretch Internet Cable from LA to Hong Kong

Nokia sets new record for submarine cable capacity as demand jumps

How do you make a map of the internet?

Myriad Factors Conspire to Lower Submarine Bandwidth Prices

The bandwidth bottleneck that is throttling the Internet

Hiding Internet Infrastructure Doesn't Really Keep It Safe

The World of Undersea Internet Cables

Google hopes undersea cable will earthquake proof Asian internet
Christian Science Monitor

Google Just Plugged Into Japan With Its Own Undersea Cable

The Economist

Facebook, Microsoft And The Cloud Under The Sea

If the Ocean was Transparent: The See-Through Sea
The Economist

Facebook and Microsoft to Build Fiber Optic Cable Across Atlantic
The Wall Street Journal

Microsoft, Facebook to lay massive undersea cable
USA Today

Facebook and Microsoft Are Laying a Giant Cable Across the Atlantic

How the Internet works: Submarine fiber, brains in jars, and coaxial cables
Ars Technica

Are an obscure group of bureaucrats in Europe about to break the internet as we know it?


What's Important About Underwater Internet Cables
The Atlantic

Why is Russia Interested in Undersea Internet Cables?
Voice of America

Forget the Hazy Clouds—The Internet is in the Ocean
Smithsonian Magazine

What People Mean When They Talk About ‘The Cloud’
The Atlantic

Why the Russian threat to undersea cables is overblown
The Christian Science Monitor

How vulnerable are the undersea cables that carry the web?

Tensions avec la Russie: Couper les Etats-Unis du réseau Internet, une mission presque impossible
20 Minutes

The lifeblood of the Internet lies unprotected at the bottom of the ocean

How undersea cables became the latest Russia-U.S. issue

Russians hovering near Internet cables?

What Would It Take To Cut U.S. Data Cables And Halt Internet Access?

Russian Navy’s “aggressive” activity near underwater cables worries US
Ars Technica

Everything you need to know about the vast undersea network that makes the Internet work
The Washington Post

Thin underwater cables hold the internet. See a map of them all.

Mali left behind as African internet speeds surge forward
Radio France International

African Internet Growth Continues To Outstrip The World

Microsoft touts new cross-ocean fiber-optic cabling deals as cloud arms race continues

Web Companies Driving Construction Boom at Internet’s Core
The Wall Street Journal

Undersea Cables Transport 99 Percent of International Data

See How Data Moves With This Vintage-Inspired Map of Submarine Cables

Age of Discovery-style map of modern submarine cables

A map of all the underwater cables that connect the internet

Untersee-Kabel: Die fragilen Lebensadern des Internets
Der Spiegel


So Who Shut Down North Korea's Internet?

Bulk Bandwidth Prices Get Steadier After Long Swoon
The Wall Street Journal

Are Sharks Attacking Google's Underwater Cables?

De plattegrond van het internet

TeleGeography Marks Accelerated Decline In Carrier Ethernet Pricing Worldwide
Carrier Ethernet News

So verlaufen die Internetkabel am Meeresgrund
Kronen Zeitung

This is what the Internet actually looks like: The undersea cables wiring the Earth

This Map Shows How the Internet Travels Across the World's Oceans

Skype’s Incredible Rise, in One Image
The Wall Street Journal


New York’s data centers have a vacancy issue, while Seattle co-lo is on the rise

Africa to Lead Bandwidth Growth

Europa wird zum globalen Zentrum der Internet-Infrastruktur
Heise Online

Agreements with Private Companies Protect U.S. Access to Cables’ Data for Surveillance
The Washington Post

Underwater Cable Set to Increase Cambodia's Connectivity
The Cambodia Daily

Local Access Circuit Prices Vary Widely on Regional Basis, says TeleGeography
Fierce Enterprise Communications

Ethernet Pricing Varies Widely Between Countries, Study Says
Fierce Telecom

Net Capacity Down to Wire
The Sydney Morning Herald

Why Undersea Internet Cables Are More Vulnerable Than You Think

Protecting the Submarine Cables That Wire Our World
Popular Mechanics

Skype calls now equivalent to one-third of global phone traffic
Ars Technica

Submarine Cable Map: Internetkarte zeigt Unterseekabel
Der Spiegel

Hooking Up
The Economist

Track every underwater internet cable in the world with this stunning interactive map
The Verge


A Map of the Entire Internet

Kim Dotcom now plans to give New Zealand free broadband pipe to US
Ars Technica

Americans Paying More for LTE Service
The New York Times

IP capacity: Growth still strong, but slowing
Telecom Asia

Global Internet Capacity Reaches 77 Tbps Despite Slowing Growth
Capacity Magazine

Why the 9/11 Hearing in Guantanamo was Delayed by Train Derailment in Maryland
The World

Wholesale IP transit service prices fall more than 50% in some cities
Fierce Telecom

TeleGeography's Submarine Cable Map reveals backhaul industry growth with infographics
The Verge

A visual guide to undersea cables and their $5.5B price tag

How to Destroy the Internet

Bandwidth explosion: As Internet use soars, can bottlenecks be averted?
Ars Technica

Iraq Emerges From Isolation as Telecommunications Hub
The New York Times

New Submarine Cables Set to Revolutionize West African Internet
Voice of America

Optical Delusion? Fiber Booms Again, Despite Bust
The Wall Street Journal

Profiting from Disruption
Telecom Asia

Keeping the World Connected

The World's Undersea Internet Cables
The Guardian Data Blog

Partnerships key to scaling international VPN coverage
Fierce Telecom

Skype is killing long distance, one minute at a time