The Basics

OBS' enterprise service footprint extends to cities across Africa, Asia & Pacific, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, and the United States & Canada.

Its enterprise service portfolio includes Layer 3 MPLS IP VPN, Layer 2 EVPN, Ethernet private lines. Direct connects to Amazon Web Services, Cisco Cloud Services, Eutech, Google, Microsoft Azure, Safenet, and Salesforce are available as well.


OBS has also taken a multi-vendor approach for its SD-WAN service to accommodate diverse customer network requirements. Currently, the company offers SD-WAN services via partnerships with Cisco, InfoVista, Juniper Networks, and Riverbed.

What to Know

Orange offers three service levels—resale, co-managed, and fully managed—for its Flexible SD-WAN, depending on the level of management that customers are looking for. Customers are also able to bring connectivity that they have sourced themselves to integrate into a hybrid WAN.

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