The Basics

HGC’s enterprise network footprint spans Asia & Pacific, Europe, and the United States & Canada.

Its managed service portfolio includes Layer 3 MPLS IP VPN, Layer 2 EVPN, dedicated internet access, and Ethernet private lines. Direct connects to Alibaba, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are available as well.


HGC announced the launch of its HGC SD-WAN solution at International Telecoms Week 2017. And rather than partner with an SD-WAN vendor, HGC has developed its own in-house SD-WAN technology.

What to Know

Customers are able use different network providers—either HGC or a third party provider—for their hybrid WAN.

For more information contact:

Name  Cliff Tam
Title  VP - Carrier Data, International Business
Email  clifft@hgc.com.hk
Product URL  https://www.hgc-intl.com/en/products-and-services/network-service/hgc-sdwan-service