The Basics

Comcast Business’ enterprise network footprint extends to cities across the United States.

The companies’ managed service portfolio includes dedicated internet access, Layer 2 Ethernet VPN, and Ethernet private line. Direct connects with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure are available as well.


Comcast’s solution leverages Versa Networks’ SD-WAN platform.

How Comcast Distinguishes Itself

In 2017, Comcast became the first major U.S. cable provider to announce it was beta testing an SD-WAN solution. And this background has led it to take a slightly different approach to SD-WAN and hybrid networks.

Unlike other managed service providers, Comcast doesn't offer nor support Layer 3 MPLS IP VPN as part of its SD-WAN service. But, customers are able to route traffic over a combination of Ethernet and internet-based services such as LTE.

Comcast is working to partner with broadband providers outside of its own network footprint for the service.

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