Mobile User & Cost Analysis

This bespoke service takes stock of your mobile usage and spend data. Customers receive a full inventory and analysis of their mobile estate. This includes:

  • Overview of current mobile usage and spend
  • Noted opportunities for optimization and cost-reduction
  • Full data review, allowing for a global RFP for provision of services
  • Localized audit of contract rates to bills to identify supplier errors
  • Sample of existing users to check for coding errors within bills
  • Recommendations for ongoing in-contract services and renegotiation

Our team provides an overview of each user's mobile estate, as well as an overview of the behavior of their user base. This behavior breakdown allows us to make recommendations on what types of mobile plans in each user's existing environment are most appropriate for each type of user.

Download the product brochure on this page to learn more about the Mobile User & Cost Analysis process. 

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