Middle East Telecommunications Map 2018

TeleGeography’s 2018 Middle East Telecommunications Map, sponsored by Telecom Egypt, is now available for purchase.

The map depicts 44 active and four planned submarine cable systems across 17 countries.

The map also presents key telecom metrics for:

  • Country statistics: Gross domestic product per capita, population, households, dialing code, domain
  • Telecom service penetration: wireless subscriber penetration; broadband and fixed-line household penetration
  • Bandwidth: used international bandwidth 2013-2017
  • Internet: Top three international internet routes for each country
  • Resiliency: Number of international cable segments connected to each country

The map is printed on Yupo, a high quality synthetic material, and measures 36” x 50” (0.9144 m x 1.27 m). Heat mounting is not recommended.