Becoming a Preferred Partner

TeleGeography’s preferred partners represent a deep network of telecom professionals with whom we’ve collaborated, presented, shared intel, and mapped major networks.

By joining this network, you open a new project pipeline through TeleGeography’s vast user base and give your existing customers access to TeleGeography’s unrivaled research and expertise.

Here's how it works.

We collaborate with our preferred partners on projects that require intelligence that spans beyond our research library. 

When we can’t provide all of the info that our users need, we refer them to a preferred partner who will rise to the occasion. Similarly, when our partners have gaps to fill so that they can meet a customer’s new requirements or fulfill the criteria of the next big RFP, TeleGeography is waiting in the wings to assist.

Sometimes this is as simple as referring clients to one another. Other times we get to team up and collaborate on research projects together.

This exchange of business results in shared profits, more solutions for customers, and a broader set of opportunities for all involved. 

Have questions about the process?

Fill out the form on this page to learn more about joining this network. And you can always reach us at for any specific questions.