Global Internet Map 2021

We love it when a new map drops. And the 2021 Global Internet Map is a gorgeous addition to our catalog.

This new offering tracks global capacity, traffic, and pricing data. It also includes a brand new cloud infrastructure section that puts the industry's six major cloud providers on the map.

Fans of this map will also notice the exciting addition of cloud infrastructure data. This includes six new cloud service provider maps showing active and planned cloud regions, number of availability zones, and on-ramps.

Our cartography wizards also reimagined internet exchanges in this design. Our 2021 edition displays the aggregate number of exchanges in each country and the number deployed by region over the past five years.

As expected, the main projection includes:

  • Intraregional internet bandwidth
  • Metro-to-metro area internet bandwidth
  • Metro area internet bandwidth
  • Top 50 metro areas ranked

The map is printed on Yupo, a high quality synthetic material, and measures 50” x 36” (1.27 m x 0.9144 m). Heat mounting is not recommended.