How Does a TeleGeography Map Come Together?

Take a look behind the scenes and explore 20 years of telecom maps.

If you know us, you know that we're map people. This e-book is a collection of our favorite—and most famous—maps from the last two decades.

When viewed back-to-back, these designs tell the story of a changing telecom landscape. Year after year our team adds more submarine cables, pencils in new landing stations, updates global bandwidth stats, and paints a picture of an ever-more-connected globe.

Inside you’ll find early editions of our famed Submarine Cable Map, Global Internet Map, Global Voice Traffic Map, and specialty regional designs that zero in on connectivity in specific parts of the world.

We’re also using this e-book to share insight from the experts who painstakingly craft these art pieces every year, as well as the companies and telecom professionals we’ve partnered with to make many of these maps possible.

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And we'd like to thank our generous sponsor AquaComms for making the latest version of this e-book possible.