Data Center Research Service

Voluminous information doesn’t always translate to authoritative market intel.

TeleGeography analysts thoroughly vet all of the data that goes into the Data Center Research—adding, updating, merging, and culling sites as needed.

The result? A database that's up-to-date, relevant, and, in a word, essential.

This subscription includes:

  • Interactive map depicting over 4,500 active data centers
  • A treasure trove of search tools to help you pinpoint sites that meet your specific parameters. Filter by location, operator, networks connected, and IX.
  • Colocation pricing workbook, which includes 28 major metro areas and converts prices from local currencies into USD
  • Data center site profiles, including operator contact details, megawatt capacity, floor space, and vital details about the site ecosystem
  • Analysis of global data center market trends compiled from 1,500 site surveys

Download the product brochure on this page to get a full overview of this tool.

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You can also listen to Senior Manager Jon Hjembo talk about our data center research on TeleGeography Explains the Internet: