Cloud and WAN Research Service

Is it your job to understand international WAN services and compare options? Researching how to adapt your network to the cloud?

The Cloud and WAN Research Service is the toolkit you've been looking for. It has the most thorough, up-to-date intel for consumers and carriers alike, including:

  • Cloud Connectivity Data: This covers IaaS cloud service provider information, cloud on-ramp locations to the building level, network service provider details, and data center operator cloud connectivity info/locations.
  • WAN Services Coverage: Peruse network service provider PoP locations and WAN services listed by PoP.
  • Market Analysis: Understand the most widely-available enterprise services (MPLS, VPN, Ethernet, SD-WAN), pricing, and service trends.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. This unique subscription is also home to four distinct research tools vital to understanding the state of the modern WAN:

  • SD-WAN Research: Explore profiles of leading software-defined WAN services and brush up on trends in SD-WAN applications, deployment models, pricing, and availability.
  • WAN Manager Survey: A treasure trove of analysis based on the experiences of WAN managers whose day-to-day roles cover the design, sourcing, and managing of U.S. national, regional, and global corporate wide area computer networks.
  • WAN Market Size Report: Presents individual market sizes and forecasts for key elements of the corporate network, broken out by geography.
  • SASE Research: Analyzes network security offerings and how they are being offered.

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