SD-WAN Guide: 2022 Edition

One handy guide—detailing 26 SD-WAN vendors and 92 managed SD-WAN providers.

2022 SD-WAN Guide IconSD-WAN is growing, and so is the need to more thoroughly catalog the many vendors who offer it.

TeleGeography's SD-WAN Research Service has been cataloging the vendor landscape since SD-WAN came on the scene. We extracted detailed vendor profiles from this service to create our SD-WAN Guide.

You'll also find additional insight on SD-WAN trends from our arsenal of research included in this offering.

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What is SD-WAN in 3 Minutes



SD-WAN Vendors

SD-WAN vendors generally fall into one of two categories.

The first is large network equipment vendors that have long designed and provided network equipment. Many WAN service companies that offer a number of enterprise solutions—such as WAN optimization and WAN acceleration—have also come out with SD-WAN solutions. Further, SD-WAN startups also make up a large portion of the market. Most SD-WAN vendors will sell directly to enterprises, but several indicated they sell exclusively through their channel partners or to carriers, who then provide a managed SD-WAN service to enterprise customers.

Managed Network Providers

A number of traditional network service providers have also entered the SD-WAN marketplace, offering service through partnerships with SD-WAN vendors rather than via their own proprietary hardware. This type of service is appealing to enterprise customers who may already be familiar with a carrier’s brand, employ them for other connectivity services, or who are looking for a truly managed end-to-end solution.

The core benefits associated with SD-WAN technology are consistent across provider offerings: reduced network cost, decreased network complexity, ease of upgrades or policy changes, and increased flexibility and network performance.

Aside from absolute price, which can be a significant determinant in vendor selection, features like deployment model, scalability, and service package can help corporate networks teams decide which SD-WAN provider best meets their network requirements.