GlobalComms Database Service

Our experts' hard work shows.

Each day, our analysts scour press releases and company websites to stay on top of recent developments. We compile new telecom metrics where available and integrate it with our data timeseries that go back 15 years. With a continuous update cycle, the GlobalComms Database is your go to for the state of the telecommunications market.

The database boasts:

  • Wireless, broadband, and fixed line market data for over 220 countries.
  • Metrics for more than 950 mobile service providers, over 570 broadband ISPs, and upwards of 475 fixed-line operators.
  • Country and company profiles detailing telecom markets in over 215 countries.

This service can do a lot. And we don't have the space to list everything it does here.

Download the product brochure on this page to get the full scoop (including prices and licensing) or click here to ask a specific question about what this subscription gets you.